Date: Sunday, July 15
Time: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Title: C4 Recovery Foundation proudly presents Advancing Women Leaders in Behavioral Health: Masterclass in Leadership Development
Series Info: This event is part of an ongoing series that started at our AXIS and WCSAD conferences and will continue at our CCSAD conference. Please check those websites for updated information and make plans to join us.


The relative shortage of female leadership presents an urgent challenge to the behavioral health sector. Technological, financial, legislative, and other factors are advancing and furthering the industry, making gender equality advances paramount. As a group representing half of the targeted treatment population, women should be strategically involved at the highest level in terms of creating new structures, modalities, and paradigms for how treatment is defined, delivered, regulated, and compensated. Women have a unique perspective that is necessary for steering the behavioral health community through the current and upcoming waves of change and transforming present challenges into opportunities for growth.

The 2018 Master Classes will focus on essential factors for leadership success and career advancement. Empowered, high-performing women leaders will share global, practical and personal steps necessary on the road to Leadership. During this class, women will have lecture material and small group experiences, allowing for discovery of current opportunities in the field, as well as guidance on how to follow one’s bliss.

The critical mass indicates that the time is right for women to step up and help guide the future of behavioral health’s choices about how clients are treated, how businesses are structured and operated to comply with legislative policy, how organizations remain ethical and healthy fiscally, and how the economical delivery of quality series can remain sustainable.

  • C4 conferences are a part of our company's yearly schedule. We feel that you create the best conferences and we make it priority to attend as many as we can each year.

  • Great conference! Learned a lot, great networking, wonderful hotel and conference center.

  • It was a pleasure to attend a conference that is not based on placing every client on drugs to get them off drugs and alcohol.

  • I feel that I learned a lot as a result of attending this conference and left feeling rejuvenated as a substance abuse/mental health practitioner!

  • More than anything, the CORE is inspiring for us clinicians to not give up on improving our outcomes. The entire vibe of the conference is motivating!

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